Avoiding the 4:00 A.M. OMG Moments

Let’s face it; if you are an event planner, we’ve had these moments.  Your eyes pop open, you glance at the clock, it’s four A.M. and you’re all of a sudden worried that you’ve forgotten to: sign the contract for your event next week, confirm the speaker, book the flights, order the name badges, or some other neurotic/paranoid detail.


For those who are diligent, you might even get out of bed and check your files or your computer.  However, if you are like me, you will convince yourself that by simply writing a note in the glow of your alarm clock, you can stop worrying and go back to sleep.  Of course, if you’re again, like me, you will just lie there obsessing about this and all the other details you might have forgotten.


I’m not saying that structure and diligence will prevent all of these “OMG” moments from happening, but applying adequate structure and being disciplined to implement it on a consistent basis, can certainly help.  With thirty (33) plus years of experience in event planning, Norris Centers has created a simple checklist, that is part of our “Meetings & Event Planning Is A SNAP” Guidebook, designed to assist you in planning your next gala, special celebration and/or corporate training program or meeting.


So next time your eyes pop open at 4:00 A.M., smile to yourself, knowing you have all the details covered. Then roll over for a few more hours of well-deserved rest.


For a complimentary copy of our “Meeting & Event Planning Is A SNAP”  Guidebook, which includes the above-referenced checklist, give us a call at 713-780-9387.

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